German shoot

In the hunting area, the right to hunt is rented together with a hunting companion, deer dominates, but you also find spotted deer, wild boars, hares, pigeon, fasans, all kinds of varmint like foxes, badgers, martens and even marderhund and all kinds of different birds. The size of the hunting area is roughly about 600 hectars, which is quite acceptable in a crowded country like Germany. With a medium bore you can take every kind of game in that area but sometimes I carry the bigger stuff to get used to the more kicking rifles when I plan to go abroad for hunting the more challenging game. In Germany it is very common to use a hunting weapon with mixed barrels like the 'Drilling', a typical German hunting tool with a quick detachable hunting scope. My Drilling has the following bores: 12/70 12/70 9,3x74R

Silhouette of a Drilling